What are the Best Longboard Brands?

Finding the perfect longboard for your riding style can be a difficult choice because of the huge number of available products out on the market. And, it makes it even harder if you have never rode or purchased one before. To narrow the products down, it makes sense to find a company or brand that you like rather than just a list of random longboards. You wouldn’t buy a music album from an artist you’ve never heard before, would you?

Finding a brand that you like is important because it creates a level of trust when you decide to buy a longboard and if you buy more in the future. You know what quality you’re getting and what to expect for future products as well. So, it makes sense to educate yourself on the best longboard brands out there to help you with your final decision. Let’s get started!

Disclaimer on Our Best Longboard Brands

This is not by any means a list of all the longboarding brands. There are hundreds of amazing, high quality longboards on the market. Simply too many to possibly cover. However, we did want to give you a few well-known brands to start with.

These brands are completely different and offer varies of prices, styles, shapes, and quality of longboards. Our goal here is to find you something that suits your riding style and experience level. If you feel we missed a brand you love, feel free to let us know in the comments below.

The Best Longboard Brands

    The Affordable & Beginner: Sector 9 Longboards

IrelandEvery first-time rider usually goes with a Sector 9 longboard because they are great beginner boards. Their longboards are the segway transferring you to the world of longboarding because they can be found at almost every longboard retail store. Sector 9’s goal is to get as many people into the sport as possible and they have done very well with this. Most people will buy a Sector 9 board to try out the sport and, if they decide to upgrade after a year or so, then look into other companies products.


Sector 9 is known for being the go-to boards for beginners. They are relatively cheaper than most other longboard brands but still produce quality boards. The Sector 9 Ireland is the longboard from Sector 9 that we recommend for beginners because it features the traditional deck shape of a pintail and simple beginner hardware of wheels, trucks, bearings.

The board is only around $160 so you can dip your toes into the sport of longboarding and see where it takes you without completely breaking the bank. Sector 9 does offer boards that are more expensive than this one but we have found that with the rise in price there is not a significant rise in quality regarding Sector 9.


Sector 9 boards are usually equipped with very basic slide wheels, or traction wheels. Most of their boards also have the same trucks resulting in not much variation between boards. All of them have the same bearings but the bearings Sector 9 uses are good enough in quality to keep you rolling smooth.

The board that we tried, Sector 9 Ireland, was great.The board is made partially of bamboo so we thought it had great flex and the trucks allowed you to weave and carve very easily. The top mount setup also gave us a lot of control over the direction of the board. This stable, and easy to control, board is a perfect suit for any beginner.

You can always expect a nice, smooth ride when handling a Sector 9 board. If you want to try out the sport of longboarding, Sector 9 is the way to go.


They will repair or replace any Sector 9 board that fails due to defects in materials, workmanship or glue with 120 days from the date of purchasing. This is the only condition covered by Sector 9. No other warranty terms are implied.

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    The Diverse Selection: Landyachts Longboards

Landyachtz Evo longboardLandyachts are a very popular longboard brand and for good reason. Landyachtz produces a large variety of boards at different price points so almost any rider can find a suitable board for their budget. Their innovative designs help them achieve cool looking decks along with the natural pintail and drop-through decks. We have tested many Landyachtz longboards and continue to be impressed with the quality and design of every board.


The price of Landyachtz boards vary depending on the quality and type of board you like. For example, the Bamboo Totem longboard is a perfect board for beginners. It is built to just cruise around town and we don’t recommend to take it down steep hills or attempting to slide. It’s just a great cruiser board that is only $170-180. Not bad.

You can find Landyachtz boards that are cheaper than the Bamboo Totem and you can find boards that are more expensive and higher-end like, our favorite downhill longboard, the Landyachtz Evo. This board is very impressive with what it can accomplish and has proven so by capturing the most wins in downhill racing than any other longboard. Yes, it’s true. With such great features and quality you are going to be expecting a heavier price tag of around $230.


The quality of the Landyachtz longboards are superb. Every one that we have test we enjoyed and most forums love them too. When the Landyachtz brand first begun it was two guys cutting boards, pressing them together, spraying their artwork on the bottom and testing every possible design. We believe they create such great longboards because all the ideas are designed, created and tested by real longboarders. The Landyachtz team strives on creating many options for riders by different quality and price stand points so riders can find a board that is perfect for them and their wallets. And believe me, it is very easy to find one.

For example, the Bamboo Totem longboard has 5 plys of laminated bamboo that construct the deck. Yes, I said bamboo. It is stiff and it is strong, giving the best combination for any beginner rider. Another great feature it has under its belt is the “soft-top grip tape”. This is very unique and not a lot of boards out there have this. It gives the board a very spongy feeling underneath the grip tape to add some comfort while you’re cruising around town. It is going to smooth and dampen out the vibrations during the ride. You can honestly ride this board for hours without feeling any discomfort.

All landyachtz boards are equipped with Bear trucks and Monster Hawg wheels. You can expect a better performance from this hardware compared to the Sector 9 boards.

On the other end of the spectrum we have the Landyachtz Evo again which we very much enjoy riding and you will too. This board has captured the most wins in the past five years of downhill racing than any other board on the market. If you want to be the best, you have to race with the best. This deck has a thick 11 plys of maple to create a super stiff deck so you maintain control when hitting those high speeds.

The Evo is also one of the craziest shape we’ve seen, just look at it. It’s really wavy and creates a fast air channel for you to capture those first place titles. It has a drop down deck to get you lower to the ground and become more stable. It has extremely sturdy trucks, no speed wobbles with these bad boys. It also has Monster Hawg wheels with Abec 7 bearings. The bearings on Landyachtz boards are better than what Sector 9 uses, so you can expect hitting faster speeds and coasting further when just cruising around.


Landyachtz really stands behind their board and trust the quality they have put into them. Because of this they provide a full one year warranty against manufacture defects on all decks sold . Pfft, I’d rather take that than just 120 days with Sector 9.

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    The Expensive & Luxurious: Loaded Longboards

Chubby unicornOk, this is getting a little ridiculous. Loaded quickly identified itself as the number one performance longboard company in the industry. This is one of the most badass and crazy longboard brand on the market. And, assuming you’ve got some extra cash lying around to invest in this sport, it’s one of the highest quality longboard brands you can buy. Buying from these guys is like buying a Lamborghini. It’s just a whole different level of quality.


Obviously, these longboards are not going to be cheap. If you want to go all out and actually purchase one of these masterpieces, you’ll be looking at a price tag of $300 or even higher. The longboard that we found to be the best from Loaded is the Chubby Unicorn. Although it’s name is funny, the board is nothing to laugh about. Three years of research and development went in to create such a masterpiece but you are looking at paying $460 to call it your own. Crazy right? Although this board is extremely expensive you can purchase cheaper boards from Loaded that fall in the $250-350 budget like the popular Loaded Tan Tien. Check it out.


With most things you buy in life, the higher the price, the better the product. Yes, it’s true, the Chubby Unicorn is a little over the top but that is just a board for you if you want the best of the best. It is the most legendary freeride downhill board on store shelves. And, it would be a privilege for any rider to call it their own.

Will all Loaded boards you can expect the utmost quality in every component of the board. Orangatang wheels are the hottest on the market and come stock with almost every board produced from Landyachtz. You can expect to feel smooth rides, sharp and accurate carves, and also enter the world of freestyle riding with the added kick-tail on most boards.

Loaded longboards are one of the best longboard brands on the market and, if you have the money to purchase one, they will never let you down with quality.


All Loaded products are guaranteed against manufacturing and material defect for a period of one year from the purchasing date. And, if you feel that their product does not meet your performance standards, please contact the place of purchase, or Loaded Boards directly to discuss your concerns and they do the best they can. They will take care of any manufacturing defect by replacing it with a comparable model for you.

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